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Holi Celebrations Sunday, March 24, 2024

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Brahmarishi Mission of Canada cordially invites you all to celebrate


 Sun 31st March 2024


 Holika Dahan


 Sun 24 March 2024



Program schedule

 Event  Time Date Note 
Holika Dahan   8:00 PM 24 March
Aarti at 7:30 PM
Color Holi Celebration 11 AM - 1:30 PM  31st March
Holi songs, Satsang & Preeti Bhoj, playing with colors
 Instructions for playing with colors
Playing with colors inside the building is strictly forbidden!
Playing with colors in the parking lot in front of the Mandir is not allowed
Everyone may play with colors at the rear side of the parking area beside the building
Playing with colors outside will start after the Satsang and Preeti Bhoj
After playing with colors do not attempt to come inside again
Thank you for your understanding!

It is interesting to note that the festival of Holi is significant for our lives and body in many other ways than providing joy and fun. At this time of the year people have a tendency to feel sleepy and lazy. This is natural for the body due to the change from the cold to the heat in the atmosphere. To counteract this tardiness of the body, people sing loudly. Their movements are brisk and their music is loud. All of this helps to rejuvenate the system of the human body. Besides, the colors when sprayed on the body have a great impact on it. Biologists believe the liquid dye or Abeer (extracts of fragrant flowers) penetrates the body and enters into the pores. It has the effect of strengthening the ions in the body and adds health and beauty to it. Play with colors also helps to promote good health as colors are said to have great impact on our body and our health. Western-Physicians and doctors believe that for a healthy body, colors too have an important place besides the other vital elements. Deficiency of a particular color in our body causes ailment, which can be cured only after supplementing the body with that particular color. There is yet another scientific reason for celebrating the Holi. The mutation period of winter and spring, induces the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere as well as in the body. When Holika is burnt, temperature rises to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Following the tradition when people perform Parikrama around the fire (going around the fire), the heat from the fire kills the bacteria in the body and the atmosphere, thus cleansing it. This is the reason for Holika Dahan besides marking the victory of good over evil.

Registration is full, please call temple for more details


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